Our catalogs have been created to inspire or guide you to design the best apparel and gifts for your store, campers, and organization. The ability to inspire is built on the trust developed from the relationships we build with our clients.


We approach each project with the creative flexibility, knowing that each design is a unique reflection of your style. Our team has decades of combined years of experience in the summer camp industry. We are ready to guide you through the options and possibilities found within the pages of our catalogs. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask, and we are happy to research options. 



 Since 2013, 413 Strengthgear has provided catalogs with you and your campers and guests in mind. We understand the importance of branding and what that means to your camp, organization, or businesses

2024 Apparel Catalog


2024 Gift Catalog

Gift 2024 Catalog


2023 Apparel Catalog

Apparel 2023 Catalog


2023 Gift Catalog

Gift 2023 Catalog


2022 Apparel Catalog


2022 Gift Catalog


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